Mariko's Knit Knot Bags

A perfect yarn project bag!  Not only easy care, fully reversible and beautiful, but they are made from vintage Japanese kimonos in 100% silk.  Simply slip the longer handle through the shorter handle for a secure closure that allows your yarn to flow easily while you knit or crochet but won’t let it escape into a tangled mess!  The handbag size slips over your wrist while the shoulder bag can be worn leaving your hands free for larger projects.


Almost one-of-a-kind these bags are handmade in limited colors, patterns, and sizes.  A maximum of 7 bags is made from each length of fabric.  Each bag is pictured in the only size and color available.  When a bag is sold it is gone and cannot be duplicated!  


The bags are machine wash and dry on delicate and can be ironed.



*Mariko is a character in my cozy mystery, Needled to Death.  She is an English language student from Japan and is shyly creative. 





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