Needled to Death Book

On a snowy night in Port Oxford, there’s been a shocking murder and the Detective Inspector turns to the local knit group for suspects.  Amy Stevens watches her close friend Minnie turn from bouncy to deflated.  Is she guilty?  Determined to help her, Amy finds that the murder victim is not what he seems and her attraction to the handsome Detective becomes complicated when he asks her to be the expert witness on knitting.  As the investigation unfolds Amy unravels a pattern of blackmail and family secrets in this sleepy little town near Vancouver.   

After solving the murder in Needled to Death, Amy grabs her knitting and heads for Paris.  She is soon caught up in the food, fashion and romance heaven that is France when she becomes entangled in the world of corrupt casinos.

Fresh from her crime solving vacation in Paris, Amy and her knitting buddies are once again involved in murder, this time it's at the Bluenose Marina. No one much cares about Bernie until he's killed and one of the knitting group is the suspect.   Then it is Amy's turn to unravel the patterns and puzzles while juggling an OCD gravedigger, a French lover, her Detective Inspector heartthrob and the murder.

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